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Velocity 15 Pro

Velocity 15 Pro Microcentrifuge

Dynamica products are designed for versatility and flexibility to maximize performance efficiency in the contemporary and multifaceted laboratory environment. 

Utilizing Dynamica‘s extensive experience in product design and development, commitment to innovation and continuous refinement, we aim to create technological and business advantages for our customers to enable advancement in human health, environmental and resource management, and production efficiency.

Smart, Compact, 3-in-1 Design

3 Volumes in 1 Compact Design

The versatile design of the Velocity 15 Pro centrifuge offers the best from the perspective of 0.2ml micro-volume and 1.5/2ml and 5ml medium-volume centrifugation.

Automatic Rotor Recognition

Automatic rotor recognition and confirmation once centrifugation has commenced, including rotational speed calculation and optimum temperature control. Furthermore new rotors’ info can be easily loaded onto the on-board database as they are introduced.

High imbalance tolerance

Innovative motor engineering and mounting allow for greater imbalance tolerances, so much so that samples can be balanced simply by eye. No more weighing – just fill tubes or bottles to within 5mm of each other.

Two Acceleration And Deceleration

The setting of “F” (fast) or “S”(slow) on the panel will allow you to set the acceleration and deceleration of the spinning rotor. This feature increases the application spectrum of the centrifuge.

Acceleration And Deceleration (Velocity 15R Pro & Velocity 15 Pro)

Quiet Operation

Noise abating insulation in the console, including lower noise fans, combine to reduce the audible operating noise to ≤58dB.


ModelVeclocity 15 Pro
Maximum Speed15,000RPM
Maximum RCF22,302 xg
Maximum Capacity50ml – 10 x 5ml (When using Fixed Angle Rotor FA15N)
Speed Control Range100RPM increments
Temperature Setting RangeNot Settable (Air-Cooling)
TimerRunning time from 1 to 99 minutes (In increments of 1 minute)
DisplayBacklit LCD
Noise Level< 58 dB (A)
Main Power230V, 50Hz
Dimensions290 x 350 x 270 mm (WxDxH)
WeightApprox. 16 kg
Packing Size470 x 420 x 410 mm (WxDxH)
Shipping WeightApprox. 20 kg
Ordering Number0034901

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