About Us


Dynamica is an international company which specializes in the development, production and provision of tools and services for use in life science research, analytical and academic purposes. We focus in advancing the technologies of centrifuge and DNA analyzer.

Based in UK, we have regional offices and manufacturing facilities in Europe, America, Middle East and Asia. Together with our distribution partners in many parts of the world, our professional teams support thousands of customers working in healthcare, pharmaceutical, chemical, industrial, quality assurance, academic and government organizations.

We aim to create technological and business advantages for our customers to enable advancement in human health, environmental and resource management, and production efficiency. From product design and research through development to production and distribution, at Dynamica we always strive to deliver innovative and reliable solutions with dependable services to each and every customer.

Techcomp Group

Dynamica was acquired by Techcomp Limited. A group of companies involved in the manufacture and distribution of analytical systems, life science equipment and laboratory instruments with operations dating back to 1920.

Techcomp Limited –  (the owner of Techcomp Group) provides all rounded solutions in Chromatography, Spectroscopy as well as General Laboratory Equipment.

Edinburgh Instruments – (Designed and manufactured in the U.K.) World leaders in Photoluminescence, Raman, UV-Vis, Transient Absorption, Laser and Sensor.

Scion Instruments – (with operations in The Netherlands, California and Shanghai) are experts in Gas Chromatography, Analysers, Columns, HPLC, Amino acid and Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry.

Precisa – (manufacturing in Switzerland) offers a complete range of high precision metrology and weighing solutions.

Froilabo – (with factories in France and Romania) specialises in Ultra Low Temperature technologies.

Isotopx – (manufacturing in Cheshire) offers high quality Thermal Ionization and Noble Gas Mass Spectrometers.
Edinburgh Sensors – Scottish manufacturers of gas sensing products supplying end users and OEMs with a wide range of IR Gas Detection systems for CO2, CH4 and other gases.