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Velocity 30R

Velocity 30R High Speed Centrifuge

The Velocity 30R is a high-speed, benchtop refrigerated centrifuge capable of running swing out and angle rotors. With maximum 30,000rpm as well as maximum 6x250ml capacity, it will fulfill your entire process requirements.

With a high speed and wide selection of rotors, the Velocity 30R is suitable for a variety of applications including microbiology, biochemistry, chemistry, environmental studies and more.

High Speed & Large Selection of Rotors

High Speed & Large Selection of Rotors

The maximum speed of Velocity 30R is 30,000rpm or 65,395 xg.

You can select between swing out, microplate and fixed angle. This allows you to spin sample quantities from microlitres up to 250 milliltire.

Automatic Rotor Recognition

Automatic rotor recognition and confirmation once centrifugation has commenced, including rotational speed calculation and optimum temperature control. Furthermore new rotors’ info can be easily loaded onto the on-board database as they are introduced.
Automatic Imbalance Indication with Safety Cut Off

Automatic Imbalance Indication with Safety Cut Off

If the rotor is not loaded equally, the drive will automatically turn off during accelerate and decelerate to a standstill. This ensures the centrifuge will not spin if imbalanced therefore protecting both the machine and the operator.

Brushless Induction Drive

Compared with the traditional brush drive, the brushless induction drive requires very little maintenance.

With less contact, not only is there a quieter operation but also reduced wear-and-tear damage, extending the product lifespan.

Brushless Induction Drive

10 Acceleration & Deceleration Rates

The acceleration and deceleration rates can be set between 0-9, totaling 10 levels. You can choose speed based on your sample’s characteristics.

Powerful Refrigeration

A powerful, non-CFC compressor cools the chamber quickly whilst maintaining the rotor at a set temperature during centrifugation. The twin cooling fans – one for the compressor and motor – dissipate heat quickly to improve cooling efficiency and extend the motor lifespan.

Powerful Refrigeration


ModelVeclocity 30R
Maximum Speed30,000 rpm
Maximum RCF65,395 xg
Maximum Capacity1,500 ml (6 x250 ml)
Driving SystemMaintenace-free induction motor
Speed Control Range200 rpm to 30,000 rpm (10RPM increments)
Acceleration / Deceleration mode0-9 stages
Temperature Setting Range-20°C to +40°C in steps of 1°C
RefrigerantCFC-free refrigeration system
TimerRunning time from 10 sec to 99 hours 59 mins. or “Quick”
Program memoryStore 99 complete centrifuge runs
Noise Level< 65 dB (A)
Dimensions715 x 510 x 420 mm (WxDxH)
WeightApprox. 91 kg
Main Power AC: 230V/50-60Hz 1 ph (Voltage Fluctuation ±10%)
Ordering NumberD-V30R30200V03

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