Dynamica Centrifuge – RPM Vs RCF

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Dynamica Centrifuge – RPM Vs RCF

In a centrifugal process, RCF refers to the force amount on the sample in a centrifuge. RPM describes the rapidity of the centrifuge. An RCF is related to the force of the earth’s gravity, or g -force. It depends on the RPM. Both RCF and RPM are two different units of measuring the centrifugal process. Both of them are related to the measurements of centrifuge, but they are different from each other. 

The difference between an RCF and an RPM is that RCF represents relative centrifugal force. On the other hand, RPM is used for measuring revolution per minute. RPM is the measurement of the exerted force by a rotor due to its rotation. While RPM describes the speed of the rotor created by its revolution.

The equation for calculating RCF is, RCF= 11.2×r(RPM/ 1000)².

Max speed of Dynamica Velocity 18R Pro is 18,000 rpm while the Max RCF is 30,318 xg

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