Daily Maintenance of Centrifuge Chamber

Daily Manintenace of Centrifuge Chamber

Daily Maintenance of Centrifuge Chamber

Maintaining your Dynamica centrifuge:

Cleaning the rotor chamber is important to ensure your Dynamica centrifuge is both long-lasting and efficient! Keep your samples spinning with these top tips on how to clean your centrifuge.

Why should I clean the rotor chamber?

Cleaning your rotor chamber is important to ensure that there is no residual frost, dirt or dust.

· Helps to prevent contamination caused by residual material from previous centrifugations

· Ensure reliability, safety, and longevity of the rotor and the centrifuge

How do I clean the rotor chamber?

Depending on user requirements, your rotor chamber may need to be either cleaned or sterilized. If a suspected contamination or sample spill has occurred, sterilization may be the best course of action to reduce the risk of contamination. To sterilize the centrifuge, moisten a cloth with 70% ethanol solution.

· Moisture / frost accumulation: wipe away with a soft cloth

· Dirt accumulation: clean with a soft cloth or moistened sponge with a neutral detergent solution

· Dewdrop persistence: dry the chamber with a soft cloth.

· Potential contamination / spill: moisten cloth with 70% ethanol for sterilization.

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