Tips: Centrifuge Tubes Balance

Tips: Centrifuge Tubes Balance

This is to remind you to balance the rotor before running the centrifuge. If you have an odd number of tubes, what should you do?  Simple, just add 1 more tube with the same volume of water. But…… how about if you don’t want?

You can view this page that teaches how to arrange an odd number of tubes in any rotor that still keeps it balanced.
Prime numbers and balancing centrifuges

There are rules that determine when you can balance a centrifuge. Specifically, you can balance k identical test tubes, 1 ≤ k ≤ n, in an n-hole centrifuge if and only if both k and n-k can be expressed as a sum of prime factors of n.

Dynamica Velocity centrifuges have high imbalance tolerance. Eye-level balancing is allowed to run safely. 

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