Dynamica Centrifuge Auto Rotor Recognition

Are you still entering the rotor ID before centrifuge?

With the auto-recognition of the rotor, you can leave this job to centrifuge. Put the rotor onto the centrifuge then set the speed and time and START. No more entering of rotor ID. Less operation, much smarter is the goal of Dynamica centrifuge.

Levelling Centrifuge

Installation of Dynamica High Speed Centrifuge is easy.  You may watch the video clip that shows you a comprehensive guide on the install the Dynamica Velocity 18R Pro on the bench (

One key step is to set the centrifuge in a leveled position on the bench. Dynamica Velocity 18R Pro is designed to run at high speed. Leveling is very important to guarantee it is running in a safe condition especially with high speed swing out rotors.

A leveler is supplied with the centrifuge for you to do the leveling easily. More information about Dynamica Velocity 18R Pro

Dynamica Centrifuge – Speed Check!

Do you know the top speed of Velocity 18R Pro is running at 18,000 rpm?

You can check and verify the running speed by using a tachometer.  

Here is the procedure.

1. Use a tachometer to check the rotor speed according to the instruction of the tachometer

2. Put a rotor onto the drive shaft and set the operating speed

3. Wait 2 minutes after the rotor reaches the set speed, then measure the maximum and the minimum speed of the rotor.

Dynamica will provide you with the step-by-step procedure to verify the properties or specifications upon request.

Non-Contact Imbalance Sensor

Due to the COVID-19 issue, there are more Non-Contact devices such as lift buttons, electronic payments as people try to avoid virus infection by reducing touch.

Do you know Dynamica developed the Non-Contact Imbalance Sensor since 2008 when we launch the first high speed centrifuge?

Dynamica Non-Contact Imbalance Sensor provides the following advantages.

• Measures oscillations / vibration amplitude over the entire rpm range comparing measured values with normal amplitude data, immediately catches abnormal vibrations and stops the rotor

• Real imbalance protection during centrifugation at different rpm

• Full centrifugation profile is being carefully monitored and compared with specific Rotor database

• The centrifuge will stop quickly if it is shocked or if any other abnormal vibration is detected during its operation

Biggest Capacity in Dynamica Centrifuge

With SW5L rotor, you can load max of 60 pieces 5ml vaccutainers in a single run. However, loading and unloading of such a large quantity of tubes are easy by putting the adaptors to the buckets. Furthermore, loading and unloading of the SW5L rotor to the centrifuge is the same easy thanks to the unique rotor autolock function. Your lab throughput is further increased due to fast changing of rotors.

More info about Dynamica Velocity 18R Pro

Fast and Quiet!

Even at full speed up to 18,000 rpm, the Dynamica Velocity 18R pro is still running quietly below 58 dB.  Thanks to the low noise fan and noise cancellation technology, you may not aware the Dynamica centrifuge is racing at your laboratory.  For DNA and biological molecule, high speed spinning is the key to separate from the biological matrix for further research work.  

More info about Dynamica Velocity 18R pro