First Installation Experience

Gentlemen, I know you guys are always there for support. Thanks for the end user and our service engineer. The installation of our new Dynamica Centrifuge Velocity 14R Pro could not be easier, even with its’ tens of kilogram weight. This unit is used to separate protein. The user has few standard procedures so he uses the program function and call it up when need to use that specific procedure.

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Daily Maintenance of Centrifuge Chamber

Maintaining your Dynamica centrifuge:

Cleaning the rotor chamber is important to ensure your Dynamica centrifuge is both long-lasting and efficient! Keep your samples spinning with these top tips on how to clean your centrifuge.

Why should I clean the rotor chamber?

Cleaning your rotor chamber is important to ensure that there is no residual frost, dirt or dust.

· Helps to prevent contamination caused by residual material from previous centrifugations

· Ensure reliability, safety, and longevity of the rotor and the centrifuge

How do I clean the rotor chamber?

Depending on user requirements, your rotor chamber may need to be either cleaned or sterilized. If a suspected contamination or sample spill has occurred, sterilization may be the best course of action to reduce the risk of contamination. To sterilize the centrifuge, moisten a cloth with 70% ethanol solution.

· Moisture / frost accumulation: wipe away with a soft cloth

· Dirt accumulation: clean with a soft cloth or moistened sponge with a neutral detergent solution

· Dewdrop persistence: dry the chamber with a soft cloth.

· Potential contamination / spill: moisten cloth with 70% ethanol for sterilization.

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How to save time in the Centrifuge?

Want to perform the centrifuge in a faster way? Want to better protect your sample from the heat? Pre-cooling function of #Dynamica #centrifuge can help. Operation is so much easy. Press the “Pre-cooling” on the panel. Set the temperature and rotor ID. The centrifuge will automatically choose the accelerating and decelerating rate according to the rotor ID in the pre-cooling mode.

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Fast Acceleration Dynamica Centrifuge

In this fast pace world, even one second is a count. Dynamica centrifuge can reach the maximum speed in a fast manner. On Velocity 14/14R Pro, by setting the acceleration at Level 9, the centrifuge will reach maximum speed of 14,000rpm in about one minute. The acceleration and deceleration rate are at your choice from level 1 to level 9. Level 9 is the fastest while level 1 is the slowest.

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Autolock Centrifuge

Ease of use is always in mind of us when designing the centrifuge.

Comparing with the traditional way of operation, Dynamica Centrifuges do not need to screw the rotor onto the centrifuge before running. With the auto-lock function, you just put the rotor into the centrifuge, and then close the door and start.

The mechanical lock at the base will lock the rotor automatically and firmly. After spinning is completed, again, simply take out the rotor directly. No need to unscrew.

Seeing Is Believing


In centrifuge case, seeing is believing might not be that proper in most of the cases. Most of the technicians are still weighting two tubes so as to avoid imbalance while centrifuge. With the high imbalance tolerances, Dynamica centrifuge allows you to judge even with your naked eyes. Isn’t it much convenient?

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