5ml Conical Tube: Simplify Your Workload

FA15B - 5ml Tube

5ml Conical Tube: Simplify Your Workload

For sample volume slightly larger than 2 ml but not more than 5ml, the researcher usually divides the sample into 2 or 3 tubes using 2ml microtubes. This will double or triple the workload. Alternatively, some researchers will use 15ml conical tubes but it is not convenient to handle such a small volume with the large tubes. There are 5ml conical tubes available to handle the immediate sample volume from 2ml to 5ml. Dynamica designs and launches to the market a rotor specifically for the 5ml conical tubes.

FA15E is the rotor of capacity for 12 x 5ml conical tubes. This rotor can be used in Velocity 18R Pro, 14/14R Pro. All features such as autolock, rotor recognition and imbalance detection are the same as in this family.

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